Travel More, Worry Less: Ideas for Holiday Cost-Cutting

While we'd all love to take more holidays, the cost of doing so can be pretty prohibitive.  While enticing, travel is expensive.  Not only do you have high accommodation costs to consider, but there's also the price of actually getting to your chosen location in the first place -- and then you still need to feed and entertain yourself when you get there.  For anybody on a budget, this can mean you either don't holiday as much as you'd like to, or you go for shorter periods of time than you'd prefer.  However, by limiting your costs, even those on a budget can enjoy longer, more frequent holidays.

Cut Out Flights

If you're travelling within Australia, then make the journey part of the holiday.  Instead of flying directly to your location, make a road trip there and back -- or even just one way, if you can hire a car cheaply enough.  You'll need to factor in the cost of motel accommodation and fuel for the car, but if budgeted correctly, you can make great savings.  What's more, you can make great memories at the same time.  Check out motel accommodations as well for cheaper places to stay than fancy hotels.

Low-Price Sightseeing

It's easy to be tempted by major attractions such as top-billing theme parks and museums, but you can have just as enjoyable a time by touring the path less travelled.  Take a walking tour around the city of your choice and you'll learn a great deal more about the history of the place than any art gallery or waxwork museum can give you -- and you'll get your bearings much faster, too.  Younger travellers may feel like they're missing out on the headline attractions, but if your party is old enough to enjoy the substitutes, then you can really cut out a substantial part of your budget this way -- and see some interesting alternate things along the way.

Do Your Research

One of the most unpredictable costs of travelling is the food bill.  Especially if you're out and about in a strange place, not sure where to eat and beginning to get hungry, then it gets harder and harder to keep looking for a place with reasonable prices.  You might be tempted to stop at the first place you find.  Having a list of reasonably priced and high-quality restaurants in advance can really help you out -- and may introduce you to unusual parts of the place you're visiting.  This research is especially useful for eating out -- but consider drawing up a list or schedule for attractions and entertainment, too.

With these tips under your belt, you can hopefully cut out a lot of the extraneous costs that come along with travelling -- without losing any of the fun or relaxation.  Have a good trip!