4 Reasons Parents with Young Children Should Choose Holiday Parks Over Hotels

Parents looking to book a holiday will probably start their search by searching for hotels, but holiday parks can actually be a far better option. Though hotels have their benefits, a holiday park can be fantastic for parents with younger children, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Ever-Changing Array of Activities

When you go to a hotel, you're essentially just getting accommodation. Even if you happen to be staying by the beach and won't leave the hotel area too often, kid-friendly attractions, such as waterparks and mini golf courses, will be outside of the hotel complex. Even if you can find them, you'll need to taxi out to get there.

When you stay at a holiday park, you're getting more than just accommodation. Holiday parks encourage you to stay on site by offering plenty of amusements and attractions. That includes things like waterslides, mini-golf, biking trails, and so on, and you'll also find that many have a weekly rotation of live shows each evening. Your kids will never be bored.

2. Great Security

The fact that holidaymakers usually just stay on site when they are at a holiday park comes with another fantastic benefit: great security. In many ways, most holiday parks are a bit like gated communities. People can't usually just stroll in from outside, and neither can children wander out without being noticed. Peace of mind is always going to be a major factor when you're looking for holiday options with your children, and holiday parks excel in this regard.

3. Family-Focused Environment

One of the worst things about going to a hotel is finding that it isn't particularly kid-friendly. Children like to run around and play, which often puts them at odds with holidaymakers who just want to sit back and relax. You don't want your children to get bored, but you don't want them to annoy anyone else.

In contrast, holiday parks are usually quite kid-focused. These are places that encourage families, so you'll find that kids are allowed to have just as much fun as they want. Even the little things will make a difference; for example, you'll usually find that the restaurant has kid's menus, which can be quite rare in hotels. Additionally, the presence of so many families with younger children will make it easier for yours to make friends.

4. Plenty of Childcare Options

Almost all family-focused holiday parks will have extensive child-care options, usually in the form of kid's clubs. Perfect for giving the parents a little time to themselves, these clubs entertain children through part of the day, organising games and planning activities to keep them amused while you just lie back and enjoy the sunshine.