What to Look For When Booking a Caravan Site for Your Next Holiday

If you own a caravan, you take your accommodations with you every time you travel. You know what the inside of your bedroom will look like and won't have any questions about the size of the kitchen or cleanliness of the bathroom! However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't be concerned with the caravan site at which you park, as their accommodations can make a big difference in the enjoyment of your holiday and even the safety of your caravan. Note a few things to look for when searching for a caravan site.

Ask for a level site and concrete pad

Some caravan sites are very rough, and the ground may be a bit hilly; you might have a levelling jack for your caravan to compensate, but this will still put added pressure on the lower end of the caravan when you park. A level site refers to a site that has been graded or compacted so your caravan's weight is evenly distributed.

A concrete pad can also be a good choice, as this means less wear and tear on the tires of the caravan than parking on a site covered in loose rock or gravel. Some sites will also have an extended concrete pad, meant for your table, grill, stand-alone awning, and other such items. This will ensure they also stay level and even and won't get damaged or dirty from being set up in soft soil or gravel.

Ask for a fire pit or moveable fire bin

Don't assume that all caravan sites will have a fire pit for a campfire; if you want to hear a campfire at night, roast marshmallows, or enjoy the heat of the fire, you need to ensure a fire pit is included in the site. A moveable fire bin can be good for added safety; this might be an old wheelbarrow or wagon used as a fire pit and which you can move away from your caravan or awning when not in use.

Look for fish cleaning stations

Do you plan to fish at a nearby lake when on holiday? If so, a fish cleaning station can be a good choice. This will usually include metal tables that are good for gutting fish, as metal won't hold bacteria and germs and is easy to clean. These stations will also have proper waste bins and running water, so you can clean your catch easily without having to dispose of the waste at your own site.