Two signs that it's time to transition from staying in hotels to staying in holiday parks

If you're accustomed to staying in hotels when you go on trips, here are two signs that it might be time to transition to using holiday parks as your main form of accommodation instead.

Your children no longer enjoy staying in hotels now that they're a bit older

You may find that as your children get older, they no longer enjoy holidays in which you all stay in a hotel because they find them boring. If this is the case, then it might be time to start transitioning to holiday parks when you go on family trips. Even 'family-friendly' hotels are not necessarily that entertaining for kids to stay in. Whilst a hotel like this might have a wider choice of child-friendly meals on its menu or might provide free cots for infants, they don't usually have much child-friendly outdoor space or many activities that children would be interested in.

This is not the case with holiday parks. For example, any cabin, tent or caravan you stay in whilst at a holiday park will have some outdoor space around it in which your kids can safely play whilst you supervise them from inside the accommodation. Having this safe outdoor space that's right beside your accommodation, coupled with the proximity to other families staying in the park, means that your children will have lots of opportunities to socialise with and befriend other young people.

Additionally, any holiday park that markets itself towards families will normally provide a wide range of fun activities for visitors to do on-site; many of them have miniature golf courses, climbing walls, playgrounds, pools and zorbing courses, all of which could keep your children happy and entertained for weeks, without you having to travel around the area near your accommodation like you would need to if you were in a hotel.

You want to have more of a say regarding what you eat and when you dine during your holiday

If you would like more of a say regarding what you eat and when you dine during your trips, then now might be the time to transition from hotel stays to holiday park trips.

For example, if one of the great joys of your life is cooking, then a holiday park might be better than a hotel (where, if want anything beyond a sandwich or some snacks, you need to go to the hotel restaurant, or a restaurant located near the hotel and eat a meal that's prepared for you), then you'd probably have a wonderful time at a holiday park. You can shop for or bring your own ingredients and use them to make your own fabulous meals whenever hunger strikes, in your accommodation, instead of being tied to the lunch or dinner mealtimes and the set menus of the hotel restaurant or restaurants near your accommodation. If you're feeling sociable, you can even join forces with your neighbours in the park and cook a meal together and share it with one another.