Truly Awesome Famous Pubs and Bars (and What Pub Owners Can Learn from Them)

If you're thinking about opening a pub or buying an existing one, there are a lot of things to think about before you make your final decision. Here are three famous pubs and bars that you might be able to learn something from. The Business: Rick's Café Casablanca Location: Casablanca, Morocco Why It's Famous: This café/bar is a replica of the fictional bar made famous in the 1942 film Casablanca. Such a business would obviously do a bustling tourist trade and would also attract fans of the film, despite the fact that the business was only opened in 2004.

4 Reasons Parents with Young Children Should Choose Holiday Parks Over Hotels

Parents looking to book a holiday will probably start their search by searching for hotels, but holiday parks can actually be a far better option. Though hotels have their benefits, a holiday park can be fantastic for parents with younger children, and here are just four reasons why. 1. Ever-Changing Array of Activities When you go to a hotel, you're essentially just getting accommodation. Even if you happen to be staying by the beach and won't leave the hotel area too often, kid-friendly attractions, such as waterparks and mini golf courses, will be outside of the hotel complex.

Culinary Traveller: 3 Considerations When Choosing Your Hotel Based On Food Experiences

While some travellers visit different locations for the adventure, others are more inclined to relaxation or culinary excellence. Travel experiences are personal choices for many, so certain things excite some people more than others. If you're a traveller with a penchant for fine food and gourmet delights, consider these factors when choosing your hotel based on food experiences. What Kind Of Restaurant Setting Excites You? Apart from the food preparations, the type of restaurant setting can greatly influence your hotel choice.

Travel More, Worry Less: Ideas for Holiday Cost-Cutting

While we'd all love to take more holidays, the cost of doing so can be pretty prohibitive.  While enticing, travel is expensive.  Not only do you have high accommodation costs to consider, but there's also the price of actually getting to your chosen location in the first place -- and then you still need to feed and entertain yourself when you get there.  For anybody on a budget, this can mean you either don't holiday as much as you'd like to, or you go for shorter periods of time than you'd prefer.